3 steps to prepare for a home inspection

Dec 1, 2022 | Gateway Blog

Whether you’re getting ready to put your home on the market or simply assessing the overall health of your home, a home inspection is crucial. A home inspector can create a report with vital information about your home’s structural integrity and systems, helping you accurately set your sales price and estimate any repair costs.

But how do you start the home inspection process? And what should you do to prepare your home and yourself before the inspector arrives? Here are three crucial steps for getting the most out of your home inspection.

1. Choose a reputable inspection company

Not all inspectors are cut from the same cloth. Interview multiple home inspectors about their knowledge and track record. A highly recommended, professional and knowledgeable home inspector will yield a more accurate inspection report, giving you the best insights into the health of your home.

2. Know your inspection type

There are different types of home inspections. A four-point inspection, which analyzes the roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC system, is the most common. The homeowner can also request more specific inspections, for example to examine the home’s foundation or look for any wood-destroying organisms.

3. Prepare your home for inspection

Before the inspector arrives, look around your home and check that all systems and appliances are working properly, including light bulbs, toilets, faucets and appliances. Make sure the inspector can easily access all areas that need to be checked, and clear out and clean those areas.

The knowledgeable and reputable real estate professionals at Gateway Realty are fully equipped to assist with any home inspection questions or needs. Please reach out directly to learn more about your home inspection options.

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