3 tips to prepare in advance for a move

Feb 8, 2022 | Gateway Blog

The best time to start preparing for your move is as soon as you think moving is a possibility. You should start the process even if a move is months away. The last minute comes too soon for many. Time is an important commodity when preparing to move.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. There are a lot of things to look forward to. The thought of moving can also bring on feelings of dread for those who have experienced a disorganized move in the past. Here we’ve gathered a few tips to help you get organized and have everything go smoothly on moving day.

1. Prepare packing supplies

Whether you are gathering your belongings to declutter, pack for the move or store, you’ll need the right packing materials.

  • Boxes and bins
    Get some good-sized, sturdy boxes and bins. It’s important they are strong enough to hold the items that go in them as well as holding the weight of any boxes that might be placed on top of them. They should also be a size that can be easily picked up when filled.
  • Packing materials
    Have plenty of bubble wrap, air pillows and newspaper to protect fragile items.
  • Packing tape
    Have multiple rolls of packing tape and a packing tape dispenser. These items will ensure that the boxes are sealed safely and efficiently.
  • Markers
    Labeling the boxes will help identify what’s inside later. Heavy markers make labels visible.
  • Inventory sheets
    Have plenty of inventory sheets available to write down everything that goes in every box.

2. Declutter before packing for the move

Go through your house, one room at a time, and identify what you don’t need anymore. Sort everything by:

  • Trash
  • Donations
  • Seasonal items
  • Collections

Put trash in trash bags. Everything else — box, label and inventory. Find a location to keep the boxes in each category.

3. Consider renting a storage unit

Storing some items in a storage unit for a short term can be helpful if you:

  • Have a large amount to move
  • Don’t have much time to complete packing and moving out

A storage unit is also helpful if your home is on the market. A clutter-free home with few personal items is more appealing to potential buyers and makes it easier to take listing photos. You can also rent a storage container that can later be moved as a unit to your new home.

Contact us when you are thinking about moving to a new home or listing your current home. We can provide you with tips about the entire process — even packing.

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