3 Valuable Home Maintenance Tips for a Refreshing Summer

Jun 1, 2021 | Gateway Blog, Problem Solving

The long, warm summer days are what we all look forward to each year. Along with the many fun activities, the wonderful weather enables you to accomplish so much in terms of home maintenance both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, the following tips will help you get ready for the summer fun, or finish maybe what you had put off during the colder winter months.

Check your air conditioner and fans

Your AC and fans need to function optimally over the summer. This calls for cleaning out of the filters or getting a professional to service your HVAC system. Removing dust from all your fans using a damp cloth will ensure they perform efficiently and not release a plethora of dust into the air.

Wipe your fridge coils and range

Condenser coils play an important role in taking heat from the fridge. Vacuum them (with the fridge turned off) to increase efficiency and reduce the energy bill. Similarly, wipe out grease and dust from the hood and filter of your range to lengthen its life. Follow through by soaking the filter in soapy hot water to make it sparkle and smell fresh again.

Clean the showerheads and drains

Showerheads are usually left out during home maintenance, yet for longevity and best performance, they really require your attention. Unscrew the showerhead and soak it in vinegar overnight to remove mineral deposits that accumulate on it over time. As for drains, pull out the drain cover and use a drain stick to remove grime. Pour bleach down the drain and rinse well. A regularly cleaned drain saves on huge repair costs and the resulting inconvenience or flooding.

Home maintenance is important not just for your comfort but to keep your home in top shape. If you intend to sell it later, you will be able to do so fast and at a better rate because well-maintained homes are always in demand.

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