4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Accomplish

Jun 11, 2020 | Sheri's Blog, Uncategorized

While many people would typically be using the summer weather to stage their homes for open houses, plenty of Nebraskans are staying at home to stay safe. But just because you’re spending the season inside doesn’t mean you have to put your home sales plans on hold.

Here are 4 easy home remodeling projects you can do while staying at home.

Give Your Home a Burst of Color

Stark white walls are always in fashion, but if you’re looking to sell or simply want a more vibrant environment to live in, a splash of color on the walls is the solution. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider painting an accent wall to capture attention.

Create a Lively Home Garden

Having plants in your home has a number of benefits: they clean up your air, help improve your mental health, and are so darn nice to look at! Portioning off a section of your backyard for a veggie garden can also lead to healthier eating, so put on your gloves, grab your spade, and get messy.

Finish Your Counters with a Backsplash

Are you looking to spice up your kitchen with a dash of elegance? Do so quickly and easily with a countertop backsplash kit from your local hardware store. Whether you decide to go with a brick-and-mortar look or with decorative pieces of patterned tile, you’ll be cooking up a storm in your own Italian villa after just an afternoon of labor.

Build Your Very Own Memory Wall

When you have 1,001 photos of your family, achievements, and memorable moments, it can be a real challenge to display them around your home without making it feel cluttered. Try engaging in the latest trend by having a dedicated gallery wall to fill up with all your photos and have all your memory lane road stops in one place.

COVID-19 has affected the housing market, but whether you’re planning to sell tomorrow or months from now, our team can help! Give Gateway Realty of North Platte a call today 308-532-1810 or visit our website and see how our team can get you “for sale” sign ready in no time.

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