4 surefire ways to prepare for a home inspection as a seller

Sep 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

Selling a home in North Platte, Nebraska, can be daunting if you lack the right team. For instance, you need the services of a real estate agent and a home inspector to ease the process. While a real estate agent will help you locate the right buyer, the home inspector will unearth any issues with your property. This allows for repairs and upgrades that can raise the value of your home.

Preparation is key. Any real estate agent will tell you how you prepare for a home inspection matters. To help you get things in order, our team at Gateway Realty put together these helpful tips.

  1. Know what home inspectors check and plan for repairs
    A home inspector will check various parts of your home. These may include:
  • Foundation and structural integrity
  • HVAC system functionality
  • Electrical system
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing issues
  • Safety

Take a look at these areas for yourself and make the necessary repairs beforehand. For instance, replace lightbulbs, unclog drains or repair a leaky roof.

  1. Clean and declutter
    A clean home attracts potential buyers and makes it easier for the home inspector to do their work. Remember to clean and declutter the inspection access points. For instance, clean the furnace filter and the stove. Likewise, organize the areas that have access to your attic and clear the areas adjacent to your perimeter wall on your home exteriors.
  1. Test your appliances
    Test the functionality of the devices and items that you expect the inspector to check. Critical tasks to perform include:
  • Test window locks and seals
  • Check the functionality of the light switches
  • Flush toilets and run all faucets
  • Open garage doors to test the reverse safety setting
  1. Take safety precautions
    Safety is a critical aspect of any home. The inspector will want to determine the safety levels in your home. Enhance safety by:
  • Changing batteries in smoke detectors
  • Installing a fire extinguisher
  • Exterminating bugs or rodents
  • Testing the carbon monoxide detector

Get help from a local real estate agent!

Are you selling a home in North Platte, Nebraska? Gateway Realty can help. We serve North Platte and the surrounding areas. We have over 50 years of experience in the area and can serve all of your real estate needs. Contact us today and enjoy working with a friendly, knowledgeable agent!

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