4 tips to keep your house warm in winter

Dec 30, 2021 | Gateway Blog

Winter can be a tricky time of year for homeowners. There are many things you need to get in order before temperatures start to plummet. At the top of the list should be keeping that winter chill out of your home. As your partner in all things home related, we’ve gathered these four tips to help you keep your house warm this winter.

1. Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat lets you schedule when your heater kicks on and off. That way, you can warm up the house right before you get home. You save energy by keeping the heat off while you’re away. Plus you can switch the heater off at any time, whether you’re home or not.

2. Invest in a heat recovery ventilator

A heat recovery ventilator is a vital tool that keeps your home warm in winter. It can make an excellent addition to your current heating system because it transfers coolness from stale exhaust air into fresh intake air, thus minimizing the usage of your furnace. Whether you just bought a new home or you’ve been living there for some time, you can buy a heat recovery ventilator for increased heating efficiency in winter.

3. Maximize your insulation

Most homes that aren’t insulated lose heat through the roof, making the house cold during winter. This makes insulating your home a worthwhile investment that will not only keep your home warm during winter, but will also help you save more money on energy bills. It is best to install insulation during construction or when renovating your home.

4. Upgrade your furnace

Old systems can be unreliable during winter. Fortunately, modern high-tech systems can keep your home at your desired temperature. It is best to upgrade your system before the cold season to avoid inconveniences. You can check the star ratings to ensure that you’re buying a unit that will meet your heating needs.

The bottom line

Applying the above tips will help keep your home warm in winter. Even if you’re buying a new home, you need to prepare for the cold season.

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