5 tips to make a guest room feel like home

Nov 30, 2021 | Gateway Blog, Real Estate

With the holidays fast approaching, many people will soon be sharing their homes with family and friends. When expecting company, it is essential to adequately prepare the room your guests will be staying in. This ensures visitors have a comfortable and memorable space to relax. Here are five tips to make a guestroom feel like home.

Provide a comfortable bed

If your guest bedroom has the old and saggy mattress you retired, it’s time to replace it. Consider buying a new one or investing in a quality air mattress. You can place the air mattress on a box spring, on the floor or over a sofa bed mattress to create a comfortable bed for your visitors.

Upgrade your bedding

Go beyond just clean bedding — upgrade your guests to luxurious linens. Include other comfort items to give the guest room a more welcoming feel. For instance, a feathered mattress topper, cozy down comforter and a choice of pillows can make visitors feel at home while spending time in your home during the holidays.

Provide privacy

Since your guests require privacy, consider window coverings as well as light control. If you prefer keeping it simple, go with blinds and add some style with the addition of an attractive valance or side panels that can be closed.

Create a comfy place to sit or set things

Have a side chair or an upholstered armchair in the room, allowing visitors a place to sit or to set their clothing and other items. A bedside table and lamp are also must-haves, especially if the room lacks low-hanging pendant lights. Bonus points if you set out water bottles for your guests to enjoy during their stay.

Provide an empty dresser or closet

Create room for a suitcase, clear the dresser tops and make some drawer space to provide adequate room for your visitors to keep their items. Some people prefer unpacking their suitcases wherever they go. Providing an empty closet or dresser gives them room to organize their belongings.

Bottom line

It is important to make your guests feel at home by preparing the guest room and making it homey. The above tips can help you get started by making your guest space one visitors won’t forget.

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