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At Gateway Realty, our experienced professionals work to give you the best auction solution for your situation in this dynamic, fast-paced and evolving industry. We have online and on-site auction services available for you. Online auctions are available 24/7 and can bring more potential buyers which could result in higher bidding prices.

Our goal is creating the highest return on your assets. Our team of experts are available to work with you from start to finish. With a wide range of auction types available to suit your needs, we raise the bar for all auction services in North Platte and surrounding areas.

Get started with your auction...

Gateway Realty offers many services when we set up your auction. Do you want an on-site auction or online? Let us help pick the right environment for your needs. Marketing your property is our strength, from weekly newsletters, advertising online and other methods to reach maximum potential for your auction. We use all the tools available to find the right market and the right buyers for your items.

Let Gateway Realty do the work for you!

Gateway Realty utilizes over 20 years of auction experience, market knowledge, and industry connections to make the auction process as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Before making any formal agreement, receive a free consultation by calling 308-532-1810. During this consultation, you will be provided with information on the best type of auction, location and process that will be appropriate for your items, as well as an explanation of Gateway Realty’s terms of sale.

Jim Shores is a licensed, full time Real Estate Specialist and Auctioneer with over 18 years of experience in Ag real estate sales, financing, management and consulting. His specialties include a wide variety of auctions - including estate, online auctions, personal property, business liquidation, coin and charity. He is an estate specialist who can handle the selling of personal property while using different and unique ways of reaching potential buyers. Jim is also a certified personal property appraiser. Jim has lived in the North Platte area his entire life and is the "one person to handle everything." Let him go to work for you!

David Greiner is a licensed, Full-time Real Estate Specialist and Auctioneer. His specialties include real estate Sales, and a variety of auctions - including real estate, online auctions, personal property, charity, and fundraising. David was born in North Platte, with family roots here.  David became a member of the dynamic family that is Gateway Realty. David will guide you through the process of buying and selling your home and will be honored to be a member of your charity or fundraising team as your auctioneer.