Buying a Home? Why to Prepare Early and Act Fast

Deciding to purchase a home is a substantial discussion. There are so many needs and personal preferences involved. Add in the fact that there’s often more than one person’s wants involved in the decision-making, and potential home buyers can begin to stall. When too many decisions are before you, sometimes choosing none becomes the path of the least resistance. But with proper preparation, you can be prepared to act fast in a hot market and secure the home of your dreams.

Select a realtor

You don’t know what you don’t know, but a realtor does. Like the realtors at Gateway Realty, a great realtor can lead you through the home buying process, so by the time you actually start looking at homes, you can feel confident in what you are looking for and your ability to provide a competitive offer. Can you imagine going on a safari without a guide? The home buying process can sometimes feel like a jungle of information. A realtor can point out any dangers and make sure you don’t miss the best parts of the journey. A realtor also has the most current knowledge of listings. In a market where homes are selling in as little as hours and with minimal inventory available, this insight is invaluable.


It’s crucial to make sure your dreams are in line with your budget. Having a pre-approval arms you with the best knowledge about the price point of your search and gives sellers confidence the purchase will withstand the mortgage application process. With similar offers in hand, a seller is likely to lean towards the offer including a pre-approval.


Searching for a home can be the equivalent of a child in a toy store. The wide variety of features can distract you from those truly most important to you. Making a list of must-haves can keep your focus from getting distracted by all the bells and whistles. Not that there’s anything wrong with bells and whistles, as long as the property also meets your basic pre-determined needs, so there are no regrets when the new wears off.

With a Gateway Realtor on your side, a finance pre-approval in your pocket, and a list of must-haves in your hand, your dream house is well within reach — in any market. We’d love to help. Give us a call for help with all of your real estate questions.

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