Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Company

Dec 18, 2019 | Christmas, Holidays

The holidays are a beautiful time where we open our home to family and friends. Take a look through our best tips to get your home ready and give your company a memorable Christmas holiday.

Prep Your Space

Taking some time before your guests arrive to prepare supplies, meals, and do some extra cleaning will go a long way to give you peace of mind throughout their stay. Declutter your guest room and give it a deep clean—depending on how long people are staying, make sure there is adequate space in the dresser and some empty hangers in the closet. Make your guest room a quiet and cozy space that your guests can retreat to and enjoy. Stock up on extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and blankets to avoid any last minute trips to the store.

Spend some time preparing meals and freeze a few things that will save you time later. Clean and organize your doorway so there’s enough space for the added coats and shoes. For an extra touch, consider adding a night light to hallways in case someone needs to get up in the night.

Deck the Halls

Decorating for Christmas is a fun way to express your family’s style and to celebrate the season. This can be a great activity to do with your family and you can make it extra festive by donning some Christmas pajamas, making hot chocolate, and playing Christmas tunes or a classic Christmas movie while you decorate. Some of the top decor trends for 2019 include using nature as inspiration, creating spaces with warm lighting, and incorporating vintage or minimalist pieces as centerpieces for your home.

Fresh greenery or flowers is another amazing way to brighten your space. You can also use your decor to create a beautiful tablescape since everyone will be spending a lot of time around the table. At Gateway Realty, we love to invest in our local community and we’re happy to participate in the annual Christmas at the Cody’s event this year! Share your decorating trends and traditions with us!

Gateway Realty is all about family, and we want to help yours find your dream home! Give our professional and friendly team a call at (308) 532-1810 or visit our website to book a consultation today!

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