How to make buyers feel more at home at your open house

Nov 15, 2022 | Gateway Blog

For a home seller, an open house has three goals: put your best foot forward, keep your visitors happy and move closer to a sale. Food is the way to everyone’s heart and makes prospective homebuyers feel welcome. Food and drinks help guests enjoy themselves and make them want to stay around longer. Here are some suggestions for foods to serve at your open house.

Start with appetizers
Appetizers are perfect for guests to nibble on while chatting and circulating. Veggie trays are a classic option for any gathering. Include items like carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks and cucumbers. Serve with a popular dipping sauce like ranch, sour cream or hummus. You can also serve fruit separately or with the veggies. A few fruit tray favorites include strawberries, blueberries and grapes. Add in some local fruits that are in season, like plum slices, mulberries and different cherry types. Pair fruit with a dip like cream cheese or marshmallow if you like. Also, add cheeses to your fruit or veggie tray, like Gouda, brie and cheddar.

Offer some more filling items
Salami, prosciutto and bologna are perfect for platters. For those who prefer white meat, include turkey slices — plain, honey, maple or smoked. Don’t forget to include crackers or crostini. Other filling options are small pizza bites and finger sandwiches. Incorporating in-season local food tastes better and shows your out-of-town visitors what Nebraska can offer.

Don’t forget drinks and dessert
There’s no need to buy a cake. Smaller items like brownies, blondies, cookies and cupcakes are ideal for guests moving around and mingling. If you have the time, consider baking them yourself to show your guests how much you appreciate their visit. Regarding alcoholic drinks, Nebraska law maintains that any place open to the public where they consume alcohol requires a liquor license. It may be easier to skip the booze and serve lemonade, soft drinks or sparkling and still water.

Create an experience and build a relationship
Buying a new home is an enormous decision, and visitors usually consider many factors. You want to show prospective buyers that you’re the right choice, and welcoming them with food and drinks is a strong beginning to a relationship. Serving refreshments builds trust and creates a comfortable atmosphere, moving your residence to the top of their lists.

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