Online Auctions

Gateway now offers online auctions! Our experienced staff handles everything from beginning to end - we prepare your items for sale (including photographing and listing each item on our internet auction site), we make sure your auction and items are marketed to the right audience, and we take care of payments, packing and shipping of sold items.

Buyers can register for free and place their bids on auction items. Gateway Realty’s online auctions are live for 10 days. Ensure you win by signing up for notifications when someone outbids you. See current auctions HERE.

Benefits of an Online Auction:

  • Items don't have to be packed and moved
  • Buyers can bid on and purchase items from anywhere (with internet access)
  • More potential buyers (people from all over the country can participate)
  • More bidders means more competition for your auction items
  • The seller can save money; no additional billing for advertising and labor

Absolute Real Estate Auctions

If you are looking for an effective and accelerated method of selling your real estate, a Real Estate Auction may be the way to go.

Benefits of an Absolute Real Estate Auction:

  • Absolute auctions means no minimum bid is required
  • We advertise for 30 days prior to the auction
  • Free open houses
  • Property is sold “as is”; no inspections and no appraisals
  • The winning bidder closes within 30 days

On-Site Auctions

On-site auctions are exciting and exhilarating events! Attendees who wish to bid in person must register the day of the event with a photo ID to receive an assigned bidding number. Once the sale begins, Gateway Realty’s auctioneer, Jim Shores will open the bidding. To place a bid, simply raise your hand or number to get the attention of the auctioneer or one of his team members. The bidding process will increase in sequential increments until there are no more bids on the item. The auctioneer will state that the item is sold along with the final price and bidding number before moving on to the next item.

Benefits of an On-Site Auction:

  • Potential buyers are able to examine items before bidding
  • Enjoy a community gathering and meet new people
  • Buyers can take their purchase home right away (once payment has been received)

Absentee Bidding

If you are unable to attend an auction, you may contact the auctioneer, Jim Shores about leaving an absentee bid. Absentee bidding works exactly the same as if the bidder were physically at the auction. The only thing different is that the price limit is given to Gateway Realty, who keeps that price limit confidential and bids on your behalf. In the event that other bidders drop out before your price limit, you will win the bid at the next price increment.