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Aug 15, 2021 | Gateway Blog, Problem Solving

Homes are an investment and in order to get the most out of that investment is to consider home improvements. Improving the aesthetics of your home is the best way to increase your home’s overall value. But, which home improvement projects will actually be worth the money in the long run? Consider the following ideas that can add the most value to your house.


This might not seem like a glamorous project, but future homeowners will appreciate (and pay for) a fully functioning house. This includes servicing the HVAC system, fixing broken appliances, windows, doors and foundational cracks, and paint touch-ups on the walls and other smaller detailing. Up to 40% of buyers end up doing some kind of maintenance job within the first 6 months, so having everything move-in ready can help you get a higher price for your home.

Minor Kitchen Improvements

Based on national averages, up to 87% of minor kitchen improvements give the best return from remodeling ventures. Kitchens are often one of the most visited rooms on tours and having an updated kitchen could help increase your house’s value. Keep in mind that spending a fortune on a remodel does not always guarantee a higher return and kitchen improvements can get very costly. Instead of completely redoing the kitchen, consider making minor improvements like upgrading appliances or refinishing surfaces to give it a fresh, modern and clean look.

Room Additions

It goes without saying that the more space your home has, the more attractive it can become to buyers. Additional bathrooms generally give the biggest return. Bedrooms, attics and even a second floor are also good considerations. Overall, if the property space and your budget allow it, adding a room is a good investment for future returns.


Curb appeal is vital when looking to sell your home and first impressions are key. You’ll want to make sure that the outside is just as inviting as the inside to make a sale. Be sure the lawn is mowed to about 2 inches in length as any lower makes it susceptible to dry spots and weeds. Trim and shape bushes and flower beds, removing weeds and overgrown limbs, giving other plants room to flourish. Lastly, add some color and fill gaps with full, low-maintenance and bright plants like annuals and cover plants from perennial bugleweed, candytuft, to creeping thyme and so much more!

If you’re looking to sell your home and want to get the best return on your investment, turn to Gateway Realty to make that happen. Our knowledgeable agents can help sell your home for top dollar within the current market. Contact us to help you get started today!

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