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A competent property management company can add significant value to your investment which is why many experienced real estate investors are quick to say that a good management company is worth its weight in gold. A top-rated property management company like Gateway Property Management will help in many ways, especially in the management of common problems and issues that arise with rental property management. We assist with the tasks that are headaches for some and normal day to day routine for us.

If you happen to be renting a property to a bad tenant, getting rid of them can be a real hassle to say the least. Instead of having to deal with this kind of tenant you should make use of a thorough screening process so that you only rent to reliable tenants who will pay their rent on time, rent from you for a longer period of time and whom cause fewer problems. A seasoned property management company knows how to screen applicants properly so that you do not end up renting to undesirable applicants.

Professional management services can help owners avoid discrimination charges and other types of lawsuits. Dodging just one lawsuit can more than cover the costs you pay for the property management services as well as save you a lot of time and anguish. This screening process should include searching through criminal and courthouse records, looking at rental and credit histories as well as employment and tax records reviews.

A high level of maintenance and repairs is what makes tenants happy and it also preserves the value of your investment. When you have a good property management company working for you it will use its network of contractors who work for good prices and whom perform high quality work. This means that you can maintain and repair your property at the lowest costs possible.

You also will avoid having to deal with emergencies that pop up at odd hours. You will not need to chase down rent, evict tenants and hassle with large amounts of paperwork. Having a property manager working for you also means that you will not have to live near your properties. You can travel when and to where you wish. You can even live in another state or country and never have to worry that your property is not being cared for and that your tenants are not paying.

A good property management company is very experienced in advertising. These professionals know how to effectively market your properties so that they are rented in the quickest time possible. Both offline and online advertising techniques are used to maximize exposure and to find qualified tenants quickly. Gateway Property Management, a leading property management company, uses multiple marketing techniques to ensure that the properties are rented. Property management companies know the rental market well. They are keenly aware of what comparable properties are renting for and what renters are willing to pay for properties.

Being vigilant in the care of your properties is critical to the maintenance of your investment. By conducting thorough inspections on a regular basis, a property manager will spot and repair problems early before they become expensive undertakings. It is standard practice for a property manager to perform inspections prior to a tenant moving in, during their stay and after the tenant vacates the property.

Investing in rental properties can be very lucrative if managed properly. More and more people in the Nebraska area are renting now which means there is much interest in rental properties. Having a competent and seasoned Nebraska Property Management Company, like Gateway Property Management, working behind the scenes for you will greatly improve your chances of succeeding as a property owner to ensure that a high return on your investment is achieved.

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Tips for Choosing Property Management

With home prices soaring, residential rental properties continue to make for great investment in West Central Nebraska. However, as cost of owning rises as well, an efficiently managed property becomes increasingly more important. Choosing a property management company that will properly manage your rental property can be difficult. The following tips will ensure you make the right decision.

Choose a company that is knowledgeable of the local market.
Making sure the property management company that you are using knows the local rental market is must! Knowledge of the local market means that your property manager knows what renters are looking for. If your property management company is a good one, they will think of the property as if they were a renter. Making smart and cost conscious recommendations to the owner that will increase overall return while improving the property so that it becomes more desirable, will help increase rental rates, lower turnover and decrease vacancy. Your property management company should make sure that your property always stays competitive in the leasing market.

Set up a meeting with the property manager and make a plan.
If the property management company you are choosing is a good one, they will set up a meeting with all new property owners and make a game plan. Getting to know your property manager will help improve the interaction and can give both the owner and the property manager a good idea of how they will work to improve the return for that property. Each property plan is different and is based on the goals, plans, and budgets of the owners. Designing a property plan that is right for each owners needs is the key to successful property management.

Ask your property manager for the names of three references.
Nobody can give a better picture of the service, than a current customer. Ask your property management company to give you the names of three clients with similar type properties. Get in contact with those people and ask them questions that you feel are important to the success of your property. They can tell you best and can usually give a good picture of the strengths and weaknesses and their contentment with the service.

Find a property manager that offers great customer service.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could always get a hold of your manager whenever needed? Choosing a property management company that strives to offer great customer service and delivers is the way to go. Good customer service is something you should expect and a company with good customer service has to make sure the other aspects of their business are on point because they are always telling you about it. Keeping owners informed and constant communication about the market and how their property is being managed is necessary in any property management relationship.

Make sure your money spends time in your account, not the managers.
Property management companies typically collect rents on the first of each month. It should take no longer than eight days to collect rents and prepare all monthly statements for each property. That money is the property owners and should be in their bank accounts as much as possible. Earning interest on the rental revenue can really add up in the long haul. Some property management companies will try and keep the revenue in their account as long as possible so that all interest earned is earned in their accounts, not the owners.

Find a property management company that knows accounting.
Accounting for revenues and expenses with investment property can be a difficult task. Organization and great accounting skills will ensure your property management company is accounting for your property correctly. At the end of the year when tax season comes up, all of your income and cash flows should be easily accessible and in the correct order to make your tax paying easy.

Make sure to find a property management company that good relationship with the tenants.
A good property management company has good relationships with their tenants. Tenants are a customer of the property and should be treated like one. Happy tenants leads too lower turn over, and thus less re-letting fees. Happy tenants will also make releasing much easier. A reputable property management company with a good name in the eyes of the tenant is not easy to come by. Choose a property management company that cares, it will increase your property’s return.

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