antique items ready for auction

Selling items online or in person can be complicated and time consuming.
Gateway Realty will do the work for you!

Gateway Realty utilizes over 20 years of auction experience, market knowledge, and industry connections to make the auction process as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Before making any formal agreement, receive a free consultation by calling 308-532-1810. During this consultation, you will be provided with information on the best type of auction, location and process that will be appropriate for your items, as well as an explanation of Gateway Realty’s terms of sale.

  • Call Gateway Realty for a FREE consultation.
  • Work with Gateway Realty’s team to find the best solution that fits your needs.
Gateway Realty
  • Organizes and prepares your items for sale, if needed.
  • Photographs items
  • Writes item descriptions
  • Markets auction and items to the right audience
  • Handles payment, packing, shipping, and delivery, if needed and arranged.
  • Sends you a check within 7-10 days.

Contact Gateway today for your FREE consultation!