Stage your home for potential buyers

When you’re selling a home, appearance is key. Prospective buyers want to know that the home has been well maintained and that they are making a good investment. So if you’re looking to sell your home for top dollar, what can you do to help the process? One thing you may not have considered is staging your home. Staging is important because people coming into your home want to see the possibility of their life in that space. Follow these easy steps to make sure your house is at its full potential when it goes on the market.

Remove the clutter

If you’ve lived in your home for very long, chances are you have acquired quite a few possessions over the years. Your treasures may not look like clutter to you, but having too many personal objects around the house can dissuade potential buyers from considering your home. Make sure to clean out personal knickknacks and create a more neutral environment. Less is more when you’re looking to stage. You don’t want to take away from the “bones” of the house with too much furniture or accessories. While you’re removing the clutter, don’t forget to deep clean your home. This will also make it more attractive to buyers.

Update the furniture

If you have outdated furniture or if kids or pets have taken a toll, consider bringing in some fresh pieces. You can rent furniture if you don’t want to purchase new. Focus on one or two key rooms. If you have a larger home, it can get expensive to stage every room, so give buyers a preview of what it would be like to live there. An estimated 47% of potential buyers expressed to their agent that the living room was the most important space to them. Keep that space in mind when staging your home.

Consult a professional

You’ll definitely want professional help when you’re staging a home. Every area is different and buyers look for different things in a home, so you should maximize the potential of your space before it goes on the market.

At Gateway Realty, we can answer any questions you have regarding staging, ensuring you find the best staging options for your home to get the best return from your investment. Contact us today to help you along your selling journey.

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