Staging Your Home For Sale

According to the 2019 National Association of Realtors survey, agents reported that staging a home can increase its selling price and help it to sell faster. Follow these steps to get your home ready to sell!

Get the Most out of Your Space

Although there’s a common belief that rooms feel larger when furniture is pushed against the walls, it’s a myth! Try furnishing your space with groupings placed a few feet away from the walls to give the illusion of a bigger room.

Try repositioning the sofas and chairs into cozy conversational groups in your living room to open up the room and make it more user-friendly. To create a seamless space that appears larger, paint the room the same color as the adjacent room and match your wall color to the drapery for a touch of sophistication.

Transform an Unused Room

Add value to your home by repurposing an unused room or storage space. Simply add an armchair, table, or lamp to transform an alcove into a cozy reading nook. Or, you could create a yoga and meditation room by draping some fabric on the walls, with a mat and cozy pillows. Consider staging your living room, kitchen, and master bedroom first for maximum ROI, and if you have extra time or budget, you can focus on other rooms.

Proper Lighting

The key to creating the perfect warm and welcoming atmosphere for your home is great lighting. Many homes are improperly lit, but you can easily fix this problem by increasing the wattage of your lamps and light fixtures. Before a showing, open all of your blinds and dust your bulbs and fixtures to let more light through to brighten up your house and show off its best features.

Stay Neutral

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint is an easy, cost-effective way to update your home. Neutral hues are more appealing to a broad range of people whereas bright and bold wall colors can reduce the amount of offers your house might receive.

Use the Trios

In general, you should try to declutter your spaces as much as possible, but you can use classic decorative pieces to tastefully highlight areas of your home. Odd numbers of accessories, preferably three, are the most pleasing to the eye. For maximum effect, try mixing colors, shapes, and textures.

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