Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Spring is a time for renewal. Trees and flowers bloom. The warmth of the sun appears. Everything feels fresh and new again. Your home welcomes a refresh each spring as well. These tips will leave your home as revived and beautiful as the outdoors that surrounds it.

Spring Maintenance

As fun as beautification is, a beautiful but inefficient home doesn’t exactly bring to mind a refresh. Taking care of a few routine maintenance items this spring will ensure lasting enjoyment of your refreshed home.

  • AC unit. The sun is beginning its gradual warm-up. Now is the time to check your AC unit for any leaves, plants, or debris and look for any obvious damage from the winter months. It’s also a good time for new air filters.
  • Foundation Vents. Check your home’s foundation vents for debris. Clean by hand or with a shop vac. Repair any damage due to screens or critters.
  • Attic Space. The spring not only gets you moving, but it also gets animals moving. Seal up any access points to keep your home working efficiently and prevent it from becoming a home for animals and insects.
  • Smoke Alarms. The changing of the seasons is a great time to check your smoke alarms and CO detectors. Change out batteries as needed.

Spring Cleaning

There is nothing like a dusting off of winter to welcome in spring. Here a few spring-cleaning reminders to make your space feel like new.

  • Gutters. Whether DIY or by a professional service, prepare your home for spring rains with a thorough gutter inspection and cleaning.
  • Windows. Exterior windows have likely accumulated dust and grime over the fall and winter seasons. Freshly washed windows provide a great view of the emergence of spring.
  • Walls, baseboard, and outlets. A sponge and mild soap and water go a long way to brightening up interior spaces.
  • Grill. Your grill is an expansion of your interior kitchen. A good clean will help with longevity and have it ready to go.
  • Pressure Washing. Everything from outdoor furniture, porches, and decks, to siding and driveways, look like new when a good pressure wash is applied.

Completing these spring maintenance and cleaning tips will have your home at its most beautiful and most efficient, not only for spring but also long after. If you decide your freshly updated home is ready for the housing market, or you’d love to enjoy spring in a new home, contact Gateway Realty for a consultation.

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