Top 5 tips for childproofing a new home

Apr 4, 2022 | Gateway Blog

Children are curious by nature. Exploring is their favorite thing to do, and they want to get hold of everything they find along the way. This curiosity can pose a considerable risk to their safety. The best way to avoid these risks is by childproofing your new home before you fully move in. Here are five tips for childproofing a new home.

Cover all potentially dangerous items

Consider covering items in your home that could be dangerous to kids.

  • Childproof all electrical outlets.
  • Childproof the window guards and add safety screens on windows to prevent falling out the window.
  • Use protective materials on hot pipes, radiators and other burn hazards.
  • Cover the door locks and knobs to prevent kids from entering rooms that pose a danger to them.

Use protective devices around the house

Different things around your home such as furniture and stairs pose a significant danger to your child. Here’s what you should do to minimize the risk that they pose:

  • Anchor furniture and appliances, such as TVs and bookshelves, to avoid the possibility of tipping over.
  • Utilize corner and edge bump guards on sharp corners such as corners of your work desk, coffee table and fireplace.
  • Install safety gates to prevent kids from falling down stairs.

Put everything out of reach

You need to put all hazardous items away from your child’s reach and lock them in safety cabinets. This includes things like small objects, medication, cleaning supplies straps, drawstrings for blinds and firearms.

Ensure that your alarms are functional

Whether you have children or not, it is recommended to make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition when moving into a new home. This means that their alarms are functional and they have reliable batteries that can last for a long time.

Check your water safety measures

Water can also pose a great danger to your child. The following tips can help you protect them:

  • Install a barrier around your spa or pool that is at least 4 feet tall with self-latching gates.
  • Install an alarm on all doors leading to the pool.
  • Install a pool alarm.

Gateway Realty can help you find an easy-to-childproof new home

If you’re looking for a house that’s simple to childproof in North Platte, Nebraska, or the surrounding areas, Gateway Realty is here to help. We guarantee the best real estate services tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today for help finding your dream home!

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