What to expect on closing day

Dec 15, 2022 | Gateway Blog

The highly anticipated day that both the home buyer and seller can celebrate: closing day! But before you sign on the dotted line, get ready to seize the day by learning these answers to five commonly asked questions.

1. What do you need to bring to closing day?

  • Photo ID
  • Homeowners insurance policy
  • Cashiers or certified check for closing costs (if not paid via wire transfer)

2. How long does closing day take?

A typical closing day appointment takes one to two hours. So if closing takes place during work hours, schedule a half day off to give yourself enough time.

3. Where does closing day take place?

The buyer, seller and third parties involved in the transaction usually meet at the title company’s office to conduct the closing.

4. Who comes to the closing (may be in person or virtual)?

  • The buyer and often their attorney
  • The buyer’s licensed real estate agent or broker (not required in Nebraska)
  • The seller and/or their attorney
  • A closing agent, typically employed by the title company

5. What happens at the closing appointment?

The closing agent will conduct the meeting. The final closing documents will be presented to the buyer to sign and date. The buyer will give the cashier’s or certified check for closing costs to the closing agent unless the closing costs have been paid via wire transfer. Once the documents are signed and dated, the seller or their attorney will provide the keys to the buyer, officially changing ownership.

Gateway Realty’s high caliber of real estate experience and expertise will guarantee a satisfying closing day. Please reach out directly to see how the real estate professionals at Gateway Realty can create a seamless and supportive home-buying experience for you!


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